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Once you have booked your session with Lacey...

Lacey's sessions are very organic. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach she uses. When you arrive at your session location you will begin shooting. You do not need to know how to pose. Don't stress about knowing what to do. What she needs from you is a good attitude and the ability to laugh and have fun. That's all!! Lacey's goal is to make the session fun, productive, and fast.

Selecting the right outfit should not be a stressful event. Here are a few tips that can help make it a little bit easier.

1) Mom picks her outfit first. Then coordinate the rest of the family. Three to four colors that will look nice displayed in your home it perfect.

2) Avoid all black or all white. It’s not cute.

3) If you have trouble with kids who HATE certain types of clothing, it’s best for everyone to avoid those battles. Give those kiddos two or three options that they can choose from. Something that you can live with. If your kids hates jeans...don’t make them wear jeans, put them in a solid colored soft pant with pockets. Avoid the battles over clothing. Your kiddo will be miserable, and so will you. Happy face vs. sad face in choose.

4) If possible avoid logo (big or small). It looks tacky in photos.

5) If you arrive with a good attitude, your children will have a good attitude. If you can laugh, play, and be silly, so will your children. Be an example...and your session will be done fast.

The client does have some work to do. It is important that you arrive on time, and ready to begin. So if you have little ones who will need to be dressed, need some time to adjust to an unfamiliar environment, need to use the bathroom, nurse, etc. Please arrive in time to do these things.

Depending on the family, sometimes Lacey will take them to a number of different locations within a park. This means walking will be involved within your session. If you plan to wear shoe that are not good for walking, please bring an extra pair to slip on. This will make you much more comfortable.


Lastly, and most importantly...Lacey wants you to have a FUN session. Please arrive with a positive attitude. It helps the session go quickly.