LACEY W PHOTO | Deposit & Contract


It is mutually agreed that the following terms of agreement form an integral part of this Contract.

This is a contract for ALL Lacey W Photography Sessions

This is an agreement between the clients to be photographed and Lacey W Photography

Payments:  $50 session fee is required as deposit with this signed contract to secure booking. Fee is based upon a photographic session for up to six (6) people with an additional $25 charge for each person thereafter. BALANCE is due ONE WEEK BEFORE SESSION. Payment can be paid through PAYPAL link. Photography SESSION will not occur if payment isn't paid in full 24 hours before session.

Cancellation/Rescheduling:  If Client cancels they may reschedule one time. If there is a second cancellation the deposit is forfeited. Photographic sessions are typically outdoors and the Photographer has the sole right to reschedule a session based upon weather interferences. 

Session: The creation of images is at the sole artistic discretion of the Photographer. Client acknowledges that the photographer is a “photojournalistic” portrait photographer and adheres to said style. No shots throughout the session are guaranteed. Client acknowledges that the photographer is using her artistic discretion to create photographs as the photographer sees fit.

Images:  Digital images will be processed and available in an online gallery for download. Original images are maintained for 90 days.

Limitation of Liability:  In the unlikely event that all of some of the photographs fail to materialize or there is total photographic failure due to reasons beyond Lacey W Photography’s control, the liability of Lacey W Photography will be limited to the refund of all money paid. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential losses. In any event, the limit of Lacey W Photography’s liability shall not exceed the Package Price.

Copyright Release:  The Client agrees that all images belong to Lacey W Photography and it is a criminal offense to copy or reproduce any of these forms or images by any means. Watermarked digital images may be duplicated and posted via email or social media with appropriate credit granted. Failure to correspond with Lacey W Photography will result in legal action. The Client hereby grants permission for all images to be displayed and used by Lacey W Photography for competition, advertising and Internet purposes. Lacey W Photography will endeavor to contact Client for these purposes when necessary.

Agreement: By clicking ADD TO CART button below, via PayPal, the Client agrees to accept all terms and conditions as set forth in this contract above.