LACEY W PHOTO | Mini Session???

Is a MINI session right for you?

Mini Sessions are FAST paced. We are there to get the job done and the photos taken. Mini sessions are fantastic for families whose children are good listeners and can follow directions. Mini sessions are great for high school seniors who want a great headshot and few extra poses. Mini sessions are great if you want a couple different poses for family photos.

Mini sessions are NOT good for shy kids. They are NOT good for kiddos who need time to warm up and get to know Lacey. Sometimes it takes kids 30 minutes to warm up...and then the session is over. So, please be mindful and honest when booking a mini session. It can be disappointing when your kiddo just doesn’t warm up until 30 minutes has passed.

Ask yourself…

Do my kiddos listen well to new people? YES!! Not a problem.

Do I want a lot of images? No, just a few (10-20)

Do I have a kiddo who takes some time warming up to new people? YES, my kiddo is shy.

How well does my kiddo do in new/different environments? Not well, she get nervous.


Think about these things before booking a mini session.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Lacey via Contact me section.